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The second biggest island of the Balearic archipelago, with 701.84 square kilometres & over 200km's coast


Known for: Gastronomy, archaeological sites, the island as: UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, cheese & wine farms, longest beaches of the Balearics


95.000 inhabitants

Touristic movement on airport: 

3.483.407 people yearly (2019)

This means half = aprox 1,2 million incoming

Interesting for investors because:

- Growth in high-end tourism, growth in luxury hospitality brands &       private jet movements 

- Low prices for buying, high ROI

- Exceptional growth of exclusive visitors  from '19 to '21 (4%)

- Still Licensed housing, hotel & apartmentproperties on the market

- Influenced engineer connected to Ibiza Invesment Group (IIG)

About Menorca

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The 'lieu chic' of the Balearics

For many years Menorca has been the under rated little sister of Mallorca in the Balearic islands. Finally it is being discovered that it is actually an island not too miss: with stretched out kilometers long beaches, that stay relatively calm, a gastronomy that is known for the best cuisine of the islands. And on top of that UNESCO who uses the slogan "Unique in the world" to describe this island's historical and biological sites - with over 1500 archaeological sites Menorca is a true unique place to be. Besides this Menorca was declared a biosphere reserve in 1993, which means more than half of the island is a nature reserve. A reason one can easily detect, when exploring this fenomenous island. 


When looking for a nearby Caribbean feel, Menorca is the astonishing alternative in the mediterrenean sea. Worldwide Jetset now noticed what this amazing island has to offer. And exclusive hospitality brands have been acquiring properties in the last few years. Yet - if you search well - the prices are at up to 50% lower for objects compared to Ibiza. That said: these most best price investments, that have the flair you need, do not come in dozens and will only be on your radar after intense scans of the island by IIG. Choosing the right ones can become exceptionally rewarding. Ibiza Investment Group gladly assists. In the next pages we give a sneak preview, but of course we will show you much more when you are interested... The concept of lieu chic is viewable in the old quarters of Ciutadella and Mahon, with just one stroll around it's historical centers. Well taken care of classical buildings with much more history then any of the other islands. Plus + near the beaches you find tourist licensed apartments, villa's and in the countryside there is a modest offer in rural hotels still available. So take your chance, you're invited to come and explore this island with us... 


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