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The city was founded by the Carthaginians and has since been controlled by the Romans, Arabs, the Crown of Aragon, French and even the British Empire. The Brits changed the capital to Mao due to the large natural harbor. 

The cathedral

The  only cathedral in Menorca is found in Ciutadella. The Gothic-style Santa María de Ciutadella Cathedral was built by King Alfonso II after the conquest of Menorca in the 14th century. The cathedral was built on top of an old Arab mosque. If we look at the bell tower we can still see the shape of the old minaret of the mosque. Later the French added neoclassical aspects which yo can see in the facade of the portal.

Historic sights

The Torre-Saura Palace is the most important palace in the city. It dates from the 19th century, 1843 and is French neoclassical in style. This is now privately owned. The Obelisc is to memorialize the day that the Turkish army assaulted the walls of Ciutadella and made 5,000 victims (by inslaving half of the population of the island of Menorca) The Turkish attack on Menorca is framed in the context of the wars between the Hispanic monarchy and the Ottoman. 

Hotel occupance

Hotel occupancy in Menorca is doing quite well. All-though the average figures are at it's best 88%. The most popular areas and often filled hotels you find in Ciutadella and the rural area. Both rural luxury hotels (with prices between 250 to 600) and ciutadella hotels sell out in high season and even in the lower Mid season of June and Seotember. Furthermore there are many coast places with 4* family hotels that create the lower average numbers.


2021 the amount of travellers choosing to go to Menorca increased by 4%. Whil the aount of British tourists went down signifantly the Frenc visitors grew with 53.2%. The city port of Ciutadella received most visitors with an increase of 21.3%


The center of Ciutadella has a huge shortage of housing. This means investing to simply offer rentals is already profitable. 

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