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Passion Café - Ready for the next step

As the Ibiza Investment Group we are always scanning Ibiza for interesting opportunities. That is why we could not stop ourselves from looking at existing success formulas in hospitality - hoping to find out if there's a well prepared bizz-dish waiting to be served to our hungry investors. And when you think of a typical Ibiza success formula, then you automatically think: “Passion Café”. A sustainable business with a long term of succes.

After some knocks on the doors of Passion Café, we encountered a lucrative opening. Lana Love is ready for the next step of international expansion.

About the restaurant empire of Lana Love

Her place, which started as a juice bar, now grew into a respectable company with over 100 employees, seven A-locations, a full colour magazine and a name that many recognize as a huge lifestyle brand by itself. Lana Love started this cool venture in 2002 and it has been growing ever since. Behind all this is a Croatian born self-made woman. A lady who was actually aiming at a career in acting, but stumbled and fell into becoming an entrepreneur. And yes, she did fell for it - for 100%. All-though it happened by coincidence it ended up becoming her biggest Passion. Leaving her love for acting behind. For people who do not know the story: the short recap is that this girl was hoping to sell a huge amount of juices in order to finance her acting school in London. Then, the hospitality business became an addictive challenge on its own. It grew into a grand restaurant business with a focus on tasty healthy food of organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Passion has outgrown Ibiza

Recently she noticed she definitely hit the ceiling of possibilities on this tiny island. She sensed that opening one more location would just end up in competing with herself. On the other hand, she still has an innovative brain ready to be picked, filled with creative ideas for new Passion babies on the other side of the ocean. Her dream is definitely to create healthy Passion homes for as many people around the world as possible. From more Passion cafes, to healthy high-end concepts, or even Boutique hotels? Sky is the limit. As long as they are all soaked in the lifestyle that comes with the amazing “Passion” brand.

When we asked her why she hasn’t started exploring abroad - it simply comes down to practical reasons. The operational management of all ventures on Ibiza take too much effort, so she needs to find the best capable hands for this first. Which in the end seems to come down to a large hospitality partner. One that is ready to take the plunge with her. Here you as an investor could come in. She gladly works on the innovative future with a strong international partner that is able to merge ideas and bring in a management team for the existing Cafes. Plus - most importantly - a solid company that has the stable background & qualities to execute an expansion such as this.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us and discuss possibilities. Exclusive Investment Consultant: Manouche Koster -

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